Mount Vernon City School District Guided Reading Initiative

Providing a comprehensive literacy programs is one of the most important strategies schools can implement when attempting to improve students’ academic achievement. Therefore, Mount Vernon City School District (MVCSD) has created a set of non-negotiable expectations for teachers’ delivery of a quality literacy program. These non-negotiables include the following:

  • Guided reading groups must be formed for every K-6 class;

  • All 2nd- and 3rd-grade teachers must conduct two guided reading groups during the ELA block;

  • All 2nd- and 3rd-grade teachers must conduct one guided reading group during the ELA intervention-block; and

  • All K-6th grade teachers must conduct one guided reading group during social studies (some schools may decide to conduct these groups during science).

Naturally, every school is unique and there may be scheduling or other circumstances that may require individual schools to adjust some of the expectations. When necessary, the school leader will discuss any adjustments with Dr. Claytisha Walden to ensure the school is honoring the spirit of the district’s goals. Please view the video below where Dr. Walden discusses the importance of the guided reading initiative.


dr. claytisha walden

Dr. Walden, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction discusses the importance of MVCSD guided reading

understanding the decisions around guided reading

Dr. White -Wallace discusses the process for the ways in which MVCSD made decisions around the district-based literacy approach and current realities teachers should consider moving forward.

And guided reading for all

Are you wondering what guided reading should look like in your classroom? Watch Dr. George-Fields quick description for an effective guided reading lesson in ELA and the content area.


helpful tips for teachers and administrators

We have provided school staff with various resources to use for the implementation of guided reading. The links below provide descriptions for ways teachers should use the resources:

  • Instructional Tips for Administrators

  • Instructional Tips for Teachers

  • Explanation of REACH instructional materials