Executive Leadership Institute for Transformational Educators (ELITE)

The Program

The REACH team is known for creating unique and targeted programs to address the specific needs of its clients.  We understand that each principal’s vision for their school and self-development is different and impacted by varying experiences and realities.  As a result of our approach to carefully create and implement an educational executive coach-in-training program that incorporates the REACH© mentorship and mentee experience and results in a triangulation of development support, which uniquely addresses the participants’ needs.  The ELITE program is intended to take the participants’ needs into account and to create a system of support that doesn’t overwhelm the mentee.  Our detailed plan will serve as the cornerstone to ensure the program’s success. 

The Approach

Fully funded by The Heckscher Foundation for Children, the carefully selected nine (9) mentee principals and three (3) executive principal coaches will have the opportunity to work together and form a cohort of leadership support.  In addition to the mentee principals receiving mentoring from REACH facilitators and coaching from executive principals, the mentee principals' schools will receive additional funding from Heckscher Foundation for Children to ensure that the participating schools are able to their goals aligned to student college readiness and success.

The Outcome

The intended outcome of the ELITE Program is assist schools with creating and achieving high expectations for student college readiness and success.  The goals are achieved by providing the school leaders with leadership development support targeted to organizational theory and support to staff members.  The executive principals in the program will partner with The Columbia Coaching Certification Program, which may lead to international coaching accreditation.