Reimagine Excellence and Achievement Consulting House (REACH) is a private consulting firm dedicated to increasing student achievement by coaching school communities through their school improvement and sustaining efforts.


Through collaboration, commitment, and a common quest for understanding worldly academia and cultural competence, our educational partners will develop citizens of the world who will help create and maintain a better place for everyone to live and thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality personal coaching and support so that schools and districts develop the skills and culture to improve achievement and sustain success.  REACH achieves this mission by providing side-by-side and shoulder-to-shoulder coaching for district teams, school leaders, coaches and families.  Our goal is to provide guidance for using our unique: innovative templates that help schools organize data, explicit protocols that lead to effective teacher collaboration, and other course-like programs that address structures, systems, and other concepts that exist in highly effective schools.   

“The partnership I developed with Monica remains one of the most rewarding of my career, and we are still friends to this day.”
— Dave Barger, President and CEO of jetBlue Airways

What We've Achieved

  • Developed the New York State Education Department (NYSED) innovative and responsive Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE).
  • Led the successful implementation of the new NYSED school and district review professional development servicing up to 400 participants.
  • All of our consultants have proven records of either leading successful school turnaround or being a part of the leadership team of a successful school turnaround model. 
  • All of our consultants have extensive experience with successfully creating and implementing strategic plans.
  • All of our consultants have successfully worked in the field of education for a minimum of 15 years.