Statement of practice 6.2

The school leader ensures that regular communication with students and families fosters their high expectations for student academic achievement.

Impact: The vision for family engagement has resulted in partnerships with families to allow children to reach the leaders’ high expectations.


Statement of Practice 6.3

The school engages in effective planning and reciprocal communication with family and community stakeholders so that student strength and needs are identified and used to augment learning

Impact: The school’s reciprocal communication with families has allowed staff and families to learn from each other so that both can provide supports that ensure academic achievement and social- emotional growth.

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statement of practice 6.4

All school stakeholders work together to develop a common understanding of the importance of their contributions in creating a school community that is safe, conducive to learning, and fostering of a sense of ownership for providing social and emotional developmental health supports tied to the school’s vision.

Impact: The school’s collaboration with stakeholders and other partners for social and emotional developmental health has allowed students to receive the support they need to develop social-emotional learning skills and remove barriers to learning.



statement of practice 6.5

The school shares data in a way that promotes dialogue among parents, students, and school community members centered on student learning and success and encourages and empowers families to understand and use data to advocate for appropriate support services for their children.

Impact: The school community empowers stakeholders to take action to support student learning, leading to higher student achievement.