Statement of practice 3.2 

The school leader ensures and supports the quality implementation of a systematic plan of rigorous and coherent curricula appropriately aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) that is monitored and adapted to meet the needs of students.

Impact: The school leaders’ vision for curriculum ensures that teachers understand how to develop and offer a rigorous curriculum, resulting in students receiving a curriculum that leads to college and career readiness.


Statement of Practice 3.3

Teachers develop and ensure that unit and lesson plans used include data-driven instruction (DDI) protocols that are appropriately aligned to the CCLS and NYS content standards and address student achievement needs.

Impact: The lessons delivered incorporate student needs, complex materials and higher-order questioning, leading students to college and career readiness.

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statement of practice 3.4

The school leader and teachers have developed a comprehensive plan for teachers to partner within and across all grades and subjects to create interdisciplinary curricula targeting the arts, technology, and other enrichment opportunities.

Impact: The interdisciplinary curricular opportunities have increased student engagement and deepened students’ understanding of the curriculum, leading to academic success.



statement of practice 3.5

Teachers implement a comprehensive system for using formative and summative assessments for strategic short and long-range curriculum planning that involves student reflection, tracking of, and ownership of learning.

Impact: Teachers use assessments to inform and modify their curriculum and provide feedback that ensures student ownership, leading to improved achievement.