Statement of practice 2.2 

The school leader ensures that the school community shares the Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Results-oriented, and Timely (SMART) goals/mission and long-term vision inclusive of core values that address the priorities outlined in the School Comprehensive Educational Plan (SCEP).

Impact: TThe uniformly seen, heard, and known long-term vision, mission, and goals have resulted in measurable school improvement.


Statement of Practice 2.3

Leaders make strategic decisions to organize programmatic, human, and fiscal capital resources.

Impact: The strategic use of resources (time, space, people, and materials) has resulted in school improvement and increased student success.

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statement of practice 2.4

The school leader has a fully functional system in place aligned to the district's Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) to conduct targeted and frequent observation and track progress of teacher practices based on student data and feedback.

Impact: The school leaders have developed the staff’s instructional capacity through collaboration, support, and quality feedback so that high-quality instruction exists throughout the school.



statement of practice 2.5

Leaders effectively use evidence-based systems and structures to examine and improve critical individual and school-wide practices as defined in the SCEP (student achievement, curriculum and teacher practices; leadership development; community/family engagement; and student social and emotional developmental health).

Impact: The established systems provide the structure to regularly monitor all aspects of the school to know what is happening and to make informed decisions so that continuous improvement can be achieved.