Statement of practice 4.2

School and teacher leaders ensure that instructional practices and strategies are organized around annual, unit, and daily lesson plans that address all student goals and needs.

Impact: The school leaders and teacher leaders have ensured that instructional practices promote high levels of student engagement and inquiry, leading to increased student achievement and the meeting of student goals.


Statement of Practice 4.3

Teachers provide coherent, and appropriately aligned Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS)-based instruction that leads to multiple points of access for all students.

Impact: Instructional practices lead to high levels of student engagement and achievement.

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statement of practice 4.4

Teachers and students work together to implement a program/plan to create a learning environment that is responsive to students’ varied experiences and tailored to the strengths and needs of all students.

Impact: Teachers’ instructional practices meet the diverse needs of the class and allow students to feel physically and intellectually safe in an environment that promotes intellectual discovery and rigorous thinking.



statement of practice 4.5

Teachers inform planning and foster student participation in their own learning process by using a variety of summative and formative data sources (e.g., screening, interim measures, and progress monitoring).

Impact: Data-based instruction is timely and purposeful and leads to high levels of student achievement.