strategic planning and implementation

Multi-year strategic plans are an approach for creating action plans that will guide schools to systematic improvements.  REACH President and CEO was the chief architect and co-creator of New York State Education Department’s new Strategic Plan for School Excellence (SP4SE).  This plan will eventually replace the annual school improvement plan that all New York State schools with the identification of focus and priority are expected to complete.  REACH© facilitators will bring this same experience and knowledge to your school or district when it is time to create a robust plan for addressing the aspects of your school that are in need of improvement.  The supports include ways to communicate the plan and create buy-in for implementing the plan.  The REACH Strategic Planning and Implementation Program (SPIP)™ is intended to ensure that schools have expert assistance when making data-based decisions about their next steps.  A REACH© facilitator will be on-site to assist with conducting staff meetings, completing the REACH Strategic Plan template©, and analyzing interim data to determine if the school community should adjust the plan.  Schools can expect to have a facilitator visit five times throughout the school year.  The first session is to conduct a REACH© data-driven inquiry session using specific protocols that will cull the data necessary to create a foundation for the plan.  The two subsequent meetings will allow the facilitator to guide the school community through the process of completing the plan.  The fourth session is to ensure that the plan is complete and the last session allows the facilitator to work with the school on a communication strategy to ensure that all staff members are knowledgeable about the plan.  Find out more about the REACH Strategic Planning and Implementation Program and arrange assistance with the creation of your school’s action plans today.