Schoolwide Effective Use of Data Program

The use of data is becoming a resounding call to action for all school staff, but not many schools have established explicit protocols for how to analyze data.  The REACH School-wide Effective Practices for Using Data Program™ (SEPUDP) not only assists the school community with the data sources that align to overall goals the school has established, but the program will also ensure that there are systems established to benefit from the protocols.  Teachers receive professional development aligned to the use of the REACH data protocols.  This program consists of monthly visits to the school where the REACH© consultant meets with staff members during teacher team meetings to review the ways in which teachers collect and track data against the school's missions.  This program has a blended model that incorporates off-site support of creations of data charts and graphs for the school leader and community to use to discuss if the school is on track to achieve established goals or if adjustments of practices are needed.  These reflection sessions take place four times a year and a REACH© consultant conducts the reflection meeting in person with the school leader.  Find out more about how to get the REACH Schoolwide Effective Practices for Using Data in your school today.