School Culture Development and Improvement Program

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The federal government, via IDEA, has strongly recommended Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) as a framework to prevent disruptive behavior and support students’ development of self-monitoring, correction, and effective decision-making.  REACH© has developed a specific program to assist school leaders with addressing school culture and student behavior.  This program aligns to the five principles highlighted in effective PBIS frameworks:  universal screening (REACH climate survey), continuous progress monitoring (classroom checkpoint cards, homework planner, and the REACH Character Board, etc.), data-based decision-making (student workbook and Turquoise Squad book series), implementation fidelity (REACH facilitator), and evidence-based interventions (REACH referral ladder).  Through an outlined approach for change, a REACH© facilitator will take a school community through the steps of self-assessment to action planning aligned to the results of the assessment, and implementation of the action plan.  The impact of an explicit plan and approach to address a school's culture can lead to increased effectiveness of staff performance, family engagement and student achievement.  The Reimagine Excellence and Achievement in CHildren (REACH) Character Program™ is a Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) that incorporates research-based approaches to addressing students’ behavior.  This program is grounded in a book series that follows a group of urban children through issues they encounter in schools and their neighborhood.  To create this system of support, our REACH Character Program™ includes:

REACH school leader curriculum and activity binder                       Up to 2 copies

REACH teacher curriculum and activity binder                                Up to 25

REACH school support curriculum and activity binder                    Up to 5 per school

REACH student workbook™                                                             Up to 750 copies

REACH student homework planner™                                               Up to 750

REACH student lesson checkpoint cards™                                        Up to 750 sets

REACH monthly family guides and letters™                                     Up to 750 per month

REACHitution posters™                                                                    Up to 25

REACHitution contracts™                                                                 Up to 750

REACH Character Board (per classroom)™                                       Up to 25

REACH Character Program™ school board banner                                 1

The Turquoise Squad series© books of the month  (per class)  1 of each title per class (up to 250 per class)

REACH© book of the month graphic organizers       1 of each per title per class (up to 250 per class)

REACH© book of the month posters (to be placed strategically around the school) 15

REACH classroom entryway poster™                                            Up to 25 per school

REACH school flag™                                                                            1

REACH school entry banner™                                                              1

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