School and District Reviews PROGRAM

Our REACH executive team was intimately involved with the creation of New York State’s review process.  The President and CEO, Monica George-Fields, was the architect and chief creator of the entire process and protocols. Also, other REACH consultants played an active role in the Think Tank group.  School and District reviews are becoming one of the most popular methods for garnering qualitative information about a school's or district’s practices.  REACH offers its partnering districts an expertise of conducting mock and actual reviews for school communities.  Our mock reviews provide an experience for the school that mimics a real review and culminates in a feedback session and suggestions for improvements in areas that were found to be a concern during the review process.  REACH is also available to serve as an Outside Educational Expert for New York State schools and districts.  Naturally, REACH provides a variety of ways to support the school aligned to the recommendations after the review process.  Simply view other services within the REACH In-Service section to learn more about our supports.  Find out more about getting REACH to conduct school reviews.