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Welcome to the School 74 elementary/middle school online platform.  REACH is pleased to offer you and your community access to materials used by your facilitator and other resources that can assist with enhancing your growth in this area.  If you need assistance or have requests for additional information or services, please email your facilitator, by clicking on his/her picture.  we looking forward to helping you REACH your goals.



The Cycle of Implementation

In this program, focused walks take place on a monthly basis beginning in October and ending in May.  The concepts of the walks uniquely align to the school's goals, values, and any articulated theory of action.  In New York State, the REACH Focus School Walks Program™ align to the practices and strategies aligned to the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness rubric.  The following protocol is carried out throughout the school year:

·         Week 1:  A meeting is held with the staff to distribute and explain the actionable expectations of the month, why that focus is                   necessary, and the intended outcome of the focus

o   Staff members are provided quick reads to assist with the understanding of the research-based actionable expectation of the month

o   A detailed write-up of the monthly focus is given an opportunity to discuss the strengths that already exist in the school that can be used to help each staff member successfully contribute to achieving the goals of the concepts 

·         Week 2:  Support aligned to the actionable expectation is provided to staff members within team meetings and class visits

o   Assessments on the practices of the actionable expectation are collected and further support is provided based on the analysis of the data

·         Week 3:  Continued support is provided to staff members

o   Assessments on the practices of the actionable expectation are collected and further support is provided based on the analysis of the data

·         Week 4:  The walk takes place in the school with pre-identified participants consisting of the REACH© facilitator, teachers,                      administrators, and parents.  

o   Prior to the walk, the protocol for the walk is reviewed with the participants;

o   During the walk, teachers, school leaders, and support staff members visit classrooms and note the ways in which staff is using the actionable expectations during the instructional time with students;

o   The day after the focused walk, the teachers meet with the REACH© facilitator andgiven the opportunity to review the notes form the team that visited their grade or department; and

o   During the meeting the teachers are often explanations of where common strengths and areas of improvement were found during the visits.

·         Week 5:  Teachers who are identified as exhibiting strength when employing the actionable expectation conduct intervisitations to            provide support to teachers who need improvement


Dr. Lori Allen

The following Power Concepts will be the focus for your school community for the 2016-2017 school year: 

IEOE Resources:

Instructional environments for optimal effort                            

CAO RESources:

Challenging academic opportunities  


3rd Power Concept (TBD)