REACH Curriculum Development - Creating Core Content Units of Study

curriculum development thematic units.png
curriculum development thematic units.png

REACH Curriculum Development - Creating Core Content Units of Study


Teachers will learn how to create a focused interdisciplinary thematic unit of study.  

Teachers will:

  • Learn to create essential questions that guide students’ learning through four-five week unit plans;

  • Use REACH unit plan templates and guides to create the unit;

  • Learn to identify text sets that align to core content and promote reading;

  • Align writing assignments to the unit of study;

  • Create assessments and rubrics to monitor student learning; and

  • Create structures for sharing units and monitoring instructional progress with other teachers using the unit.

School leaders should consider sending a team of teachers so that at the end of the session there are enough units to guide students’ learning for the entire year within a grade.

Steps for Registration: PD location at REACH office (434 Lenox Ave., NY, NY 10037)

Create a purchase order for staff development for $1050 per participant| Submit the below registration form (one per participant) via email Turquoise Gaddy at  Contact Turquoise for any questions, as well.

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Start your school year with a peace of mind by having interdisciplinary units of study already created for students! This will surely address any concerns you may about robust and rigorous work being developed in these areas.