New and experienced building leaders quickly realize that the major component in increasing student achievement and their longevity as school leaders is directly linked to cultivating teacher leaders who have untapped leadership capacity and potential.  The research of Schein, Drago-Severson, and Spillane all converge around the idea that the careful and targeted selection of teacher leaders coupled with a deliberate plan for furthering their understanding of how their role in the organization is linked to school success and transformation as potent elixirs in turning schools around.

 The REACH Teacher Leader Summer Institute (RTLSI) was conceived to assist school leaders in nurturing the teacher leaders within their own buildings by developing their organizational competence and knowledge. Participants can opt to join one of two sessions that will take place during the week of July 13-17, 2015 or August 17-21, 2015. The location of the session will announced soon, but participants can plan to be in Manhattan, New York. The five-day intensive training session will include the following topics:

·         Adult Developmental Theory 

·         Effectively Leading Teacher Teams

·         The School Review Process

·         Having Difficult Collegial Conversations

·         Using Data To Strategically Support Instructional Practices and Decisions

Teachers who participate in this session will be prepared for fulfilling your leadership expectations.  For participation, teachers must be nominated and sponsored by their principal.  The fee is $1,200 for each teacher participating, which covers the cost of all materials, a light breakfast, and lunch. Seats are limited.  Payments may be submitted by credit card, check or purchase order. To register for the August RTLSI program, complete the application by clicking the RTLSI Application button below.  If you need additional time to process payment, please contact us at

Our July 2015 REACH(c), LLC Teacher Leader Summer Institute was an experience that participants will never forget.  The participants learned about the leaders they have been in their schools and the leaders they want to be in their schools.  From the moment the participants engaged in a leadership assessment to their trip to West Point Academy to learn about leadership styles, the week long Institute provided many opportunities for new learning and creating new friendships. 

Here is just a sample of what some of the participants wrote on their evaluations:

The RTLSI provided an environment and opportunity to enhance my professional practice. All facilitators were well informed, engaging, and experts in their field. The skills you walk away with are invaluable! It is an experience Teacher Leaders cannot afford to miss. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to work with REACH. This was the by far best professional development I have ever attended!
— July RTLSI Participant
The REACH Teacher Leader Summer Institute was a great gathering that got participants aligned with a shared definition of what effective coaching entails. The dynamic facilitators allowed us to put theory into practice in a safe, collaborative environment through hands-on and minds-on activities such as role playing, professional readings, engaging in small and large group discussions about teaching and learning, and participating in a PLC by using the Consultancy Protocol to examine a problem of practice. Upon taking the Strengths Finder assessment, I learned how I can leverage my unique strengths to better serve my school and be a catalyst for change. Exploring the Adult Learning Theory (Ways of Knowing) will enable me to find multiple entry points to engage in coaching conversations with my colleagues because I learned specific strategies to support their professional growth. In addition, the opportunity to network and build relationships with other Teacher Leaders, namely, our “REACH IN, REACH OUT” partners, was particularly helpful to me because I am transitioning to a new district/school as a Literacy Coach after having been in my former district/school for 15 years ... so this support system is appreciated. Because of this experience, I feel even more empowered to lead because I have gained the knowledge and skill set (including a plethora of resources to add to my toolkit ) to help my colleagues mold students into college ready and career bound citizens. Thank you for the opportunity. “Teamwork makes the dream work!”
— Gina Hutchinson, July RTLSI Participant
The information, lectures, materials and discussions provided by the facilitators were of relevancy in the “real world” as it pertains to the current DOE system. The facilitators were able to speak from experience rather than solely from a text. I appreciated that fact because they know first hand what situations we will face and as a result were able to guide us in formulating solutions to our problems that currently exist and for those problems that may arise. The activities were engaging and structured to take the participants out of their “comfort zones” yet providing an environment where on felt safe doing so. I left feeling confident with the tools that were provided to me during the REACH Summer Institute and my being able to accomplish the goals that I aspire well as being equipped to provide guidance and support to my colleagues.
— July RTLSI Participant
The most beneficial and informative professional development I have ever received within my 15 years of teaching.
— July RTLSI Participant