Reimagine Schools are flagship school communities that employ all of REACH in-school programs.  REACH works side-by-side and shoulder-to-shoulder with the school community to fully implement all aspects of our REACH principles.  The program begins with a REACH senior facilitators work with the school and district office to thoroughly assess the school’s current strengths and areas of need of improvement via a survey and school review process. A team of REACH facilitators, in collaboration with the school community and district, then creates a unique Reimagine University (RU) dedicated to address the needs of the Reimagine School community.  

The one of a kind RU addresses the school’s learning objectives and REACH standards and principles.  In addition to RU courses and workshops, Reimagine Schools have leader and teacher coaches and mentors and support for teacher teams, effective use of data, culture development, REACH school walks, strategic planning and monitoring, student learning, and family and community engagement.  Each of these concepts aligns to targeted professional development that creates a system for sustained improvement.  REACH staff members are in Reimagine Schools at least two days a week during the entire school year to assist the school with implementation of the programs and provide timely support and REACH assigns the school a personal REACH program coordinator. 

Reimagine Schools commit to a 3-year full service contract with REACH that yields the capacity necessary for the school to maintain its Reimagine designation with flexible supports for year 4 and 5.  After 5-years of successful Reimagine School designation, the REACH contract commitment reduces to an annual review and participation in the REACH annual professional development conference.  If after 5-years, REACH deems that the school is not ready for automated designation, REACH senior facilitators work collaboratively with the school to determine the next iteration of supports.  Reimagine Schools must fully commit to employing all REACH principles with fidelity and cannot hold the designation via an a la carte approach.  REACH realizes and fully understands that some schools may need to implement an on-boarding process that spans across the initial 3-years. 

The Reimagine Schools Program is an excellent option for districts looking for school turnaround solutions and approaches and limits the number of external vendors servicing one school community.  This approach to school turnaround fosters a synergistic environment of support that is laser-focused creating a school community of intellectual safety and robust communication.  Contact REACH for a presentation about Reimagine Schools.