The REACH(c) YMY program is reaching 200 young men of color attending 10 schools across New York State.  This REACH(c)-sponsored program is intended to answer President Obama's call to action via My Brother's Keeper.  Using Hill Harper's Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny as a catalyst for developing virtues, we plan to change the lives of youth, one mentor at a time. 

Mentors should teach students to become the architects of their own lives!
— Hill Harper, REACH(c) YMY Seminar Short
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Hill Harper

Launches the REACH(c) YMY Program

listen to hill’’s 2nd seminar short

A conversation with Dr. Monica George-Fields

listen to hill’s 3rd seminar short

Wrapping-up the mentoring work


launching the ymy program

The official launching of the REACH(c) YMY program was December 6, 2017.  REACH(c) has provided each participating school a curriculum for mentoring students.  Letters from Hill Harper's book are incorporated in the curriculum, along with other resources.  Online professional development sessions will be offered to Master Mentors throughout the program.  


Selection Time is here, so it is time for…

  1. The Master Mentor will identify young men to develop as mentors (these students should be old enough to mentor other students);

  2. The Master Mentor and other staff members, will identify students in an earlier grade to mentor and meet with at least twice a month; and

  3. The Master Mentor to send all names to REACH(c) via the following form.


first month focus:  becoming a 10%er

Organizational theorists have found that in every organization or group of people striving to work towards a goal commonly divide into three groups of functionalities.  Those functionalities- high, average, and low levels- align to the effort and capacity of the individuals within them.  The 10-80-10 theory divides the group into the top echelon of the organization and works to ensure that every action and effort is directed to accomplish the ultimate goals and vision of the organization.  In schools, those people are committed to ensuring that the impact of their school yields high student achievement.  During this month, the group will focus on students’ efforts to become part of the top 10%.