Earl Mitchell is the REACH(c) Operations Director.  Earl is a former legal analyst, who brings a plethora of skills to his work in our organization.  Earl manages contract development, invoicing, purchasing, and all other business aspects for REACH(c).  Contact Earl at   

Jazmin George is the REACH(c) Editor in Chief.  Jazmin earned an Associates and Bachelors degrees from Bard College and Binghamton University, respectively.  She is now a graduate student at Georgetown University.  Jazmin works remotely to provide editing and tutorial services to our staff and clients.  Contact Jazmin at

Porsche Gaddy is the REACH(c) Reimagine University and Program Director.  Porsche is a web designer and former data analyst for New York City Department of Health.  She brings to the position extensive computer knowledge and business operations experience.  Contact Porsche at    

Turquoise Gaddy is the REACH(c) In-School and District Service Director. Turquoise is a former youth development director for Bronx Works.  She brings to the position extensive experience working in schools and developing workshops for youth development. Turquoise manages all school and district scheduling and implementation plans. Contact Turquoise at