Online Products

Our organization has created products that school community members can use to self-pace their learning online, data templates, and School and Grade (Subject) and class level REACH Balanced Score Card.


Self-Paced Learning Modules

REACH Education Solutions offers online modules that are self-paced align to professional development sessions.  The length of each session varies, but is no longer than 20 minutes.  The modules aim to address and develop an understanding of a variety of concepts including the development of teacher teams, book club guidance, adult development, effective use of data, developing systems and structures, and providing effective feedback aligned to teacher practices.  With the use of an online platform, REACH modules utilize written scenarios and videos as interactive tools and guide the participant through each activity while providing checkpoints to discern understanding or the need for clarity.  When it is determined that there is an acceptable level of understanding, the participant continues to the next activity.  If it is determined that the participant requires clarification, the program will offer an explanation.  Each concept has a minimum of five modules and a maximum of 10 modules for more dense learning.  At the end of the completion of a full module set, the participant engages in a self-assessment and the results provide suggestions for next step.  If you are interested in subscribing to this service, complete the Take the First Step form.  (Available July 2015)

School, Grade, and Class Balanced Scorecard

The REACH online Balanced Scorecard© is an electronic tool that tracks the achievement, progress, and overall school-based culture indicators.  These Balanced Scorecards (BSC) are the perfect way to establish and memorialize annual goals for the school that are disaggregated to the grade or subject and then to the class level.  The BSC data collected aligns to specific curriculum programs used in your school.  Once inserted in our online database, the BSC will map-out the data in a way that highlights where the school, grade or subject, and class is in comparison to their annual goals.  The BSC presents the goals for the school into two concepts academic and social emotional developmental support.  The BSC tracks data by overall proficiency (30%), progress (40%), and school-based culture indicators (30%) such as attendance, positive family contacts, and other school culture indicators the school is interested in tracking.  The product serves as a sure way for the entire school community to understand how they are contributing to the achievement of the school's annual mission.  If you are interested in subscribing to this service, complete the Take the First Step form. (Available July 2015)