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“My message to Alex and Malachi and Darinel and to all the young men out there and young boys who aren’t in this room: I want you to know you matter. You matter to us. You matter to each other. There’s nothing, not a single thing, that’s more important to the future of America than whether or not you and young people all across this country can achieve their dreams.”
— President Barack Obama My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Launch, May 4, 2015
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REACH(c) youth mentoring youth seminar shorts

What is a MBK Seminar Shorts?  A seminar short is an online seminar intended to allow for expanded participation by allowing educators and students to engage in subject matters with experts in the field, without requiring the added expense of traveling. Schools in the REACH(c) YMY program can use the Seminar Shorts as a resource to launch mentoring conversations with students, parents, staff members and others. 

It is an honor and a privilege to participate in this wonderful program. I already have some ideas flowing about the first session with my youth mentors.
— Langston Masingale, Master Mentor- Urban Scholars

Hill Harper focused on the following points:

  • His experiences with speaking with thousands of young men of color and the lessons learned;

  • The true story behind MBK and how it can manifest in any school community;

  • The air up there – What are the true perceptions of young men of color in the entertainment world (the place that so many of the young men aspire to enter); and

  • Hill knows his family’s history and has a connection, mentally and physically, to his ancestry. What advice has he given to young men of color who do have that level of connection to their families and only connect their value to their current situation, which may be in a deep level of struggle and survival?

2020 Whole School Reform Conference: 50 Years Post Brown v. Bd. of Education: Where Are We with Closing The Achievement Gap?

2020 Whole School Reform Conference: 50 Years Post Brown v. Bd. of Education: Where Are We with Closing The Achievement Gap?

Join the conversation at the reach wsr annual conference

REACH(C) national conferences offers participants to have conversations about the quality of education for minority students.  Register today to learn from your colleagues and to create an effective plan to address your school community's needs.


President Obama's My Brother's Keeper Initiative

President Obama's My Brother's Keeper Initiative

My brother's keeper alliance

Our mentoring program aligns to the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance principles. President Obama established My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) in February 2014 to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color and to ensure all youth can reach their full potential. The MBK Alliance was launched as an independent, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) entity in 2015 to scale and sustain this critical mission. (https://www.mbkalliance.org/about-us/) 

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