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Blogging Matters!

Welcome to the Mt. Vernon City School District Guided Reading Blog.  This is an intellectually safe space!  This blog will focus on all matters aligned to creating, delivering, and assessing effective guided reading strategies and practices.  I will deliver the blog using a multitude of media, such as narrative, videos, and podcasts. 

I encourage all MVCSD Guided Reading Mavens to consistently participate in the blogging experience.  We will use this space to conduct two book studies.  Instead of focusing on one book at a time, we will use both books simultaneously.  Don’t worry, I will ensure that the flip-flop makes sense.  The books we will use are Guided Reading, Second Edition: Responsive Teaching Across the Grades and Leveled Books, K-8: Matching Texts to Readers for Effective Teaching.  Participating in the conversation via this blog is going to be extremely important for your learning.  Remember we will not be together again until February and I want to ensure that I am able to support your guided reading work.  

Please subscribe to the blog to receive notifications when new posts are available.  My goal is to put something on the platform for you to check-out least a week.  The more you participate, the more motivated I will be to post new information. 

So, let’s get posting!

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