Nationally Acclaimed Commentator, Awards Dinner Keynote Speaker: February 18, 2018








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Dr. Lori Allen


Dr. Lisa Gioe


Dr. Lori Allen


Getting the most from peer coaching

Leveraging teacher leaders

Dr. Lori Allen is a career educator and with school administration experience in the Kindergarten - Adult Education spectrum. Lori has over 25 years instructional and coaching experience. 


Dr. Bernard Gassaway


Using Coaching to Create Effective Student Support Teams

Ensuring Every Staff Member Becomes a Family Coordinator

Dr. Bernard Gassaway is an educator, author, and child advocate.  Bernard successfully led two schools in New York City Department of Education.  

Dr. Karren Dunkley


Dr. Karren Dunkley


Coaching partnerships between community-based organizations and school staff

Executive coaching techniques

Dr. Karren Dunkley is a successful school leader, teacher, and International Accredited Coach. Karren has over 25 years of educational experience and provides coaching to many district and school leaders around the country.

dr. monica george-fields


Understanding How Adult Development stages Impact Coaching

Ensuring every staff member becomes a family coordinator

Dr. Monica George-Fields has over 30 years of successful education experience.  As the CEO and President of REACH(c) Educational Solutions, Monica works with countless superintendents, school leaders, and school staff focused on school improvement efforts.


dr. lisa gioe


Identifying Goals for Coaching Improvement

Building effective District-wide coaching systems

Dr. Lisa Gioe is an experienced educator who successfully taught and led two schools, one middle school and one high school, in New York City Department of Education.  Lisa has over 25 years of educational experience.


Dr. Debra Jackson

Conference Advisor

Dr. Debra Jackson is a long-standing, respected former superintendent of several districts in New York and New Jersey school system.  With over 15 years of district leadership experience, Debra's expertise and connections to higher education universities and programs will ensure that this conference is an experience that everyone can enjoy. 


Veronica Goka


Veronica Goka


Creating School Leadership Teams that Work Flawlessly Towards School Improvement

Coaching-Up: Learning Strategies for Getting the Best Support from Your Supervisor

Veronica Goka is a long-standing school leader, coach, and teacher for over 30 years.  Veronica successfully transformed her school from one of federal identification of in need of improvement to one of Reward status.  Veronica is the proud owner and director of an elementary school in Ghana and continues to provide leadership coaching to school leaders and teachers.


Michael Selkis


Leadership vs. Management

Coaching vs. Mentoring

Michael Selkis has extensive experience as a school leader and Network Team Leader.  Michael's work with developing and coaching school leaders and teachers has made him a well-sought after coach by many school and teacher leaders.  As an advisor, Michael will assist REACH(c) with selecting the perfect presenters for our participants to engage with and learn new strategies.