Maria T. Esponda

Maria T. Esponda is a Senior Academic Facilitator for REACH and is available to work with potential clients.  As a SAF, Maria works directly with REACH clients to provide face-to-face, electronic, and phone consultation aligned to leadership development and school improvement efforts.

Maria was the Executive Director of Leadership Programs and Development for the New York City Department of Education.  Ms Esponda began her career in the NYCDOE seventeen years ago as a classroom teacher.  During her career, Ms. Esponda worked in a variety of roles, including teacher developer, regional instructional specialist, middle school facilitator, principal, deputy network leader for the Bradbury Children First Network, and senior director of school organization within the Division of Academics, Performance, and Support.  Her accomplishments as a principal included: establishing partnerships to promote the arts and technology and transforming her school into an “A” school.  As a deputy network leader, she established relationships with school communities to guide the instructional work around inquiry, school structures, accountability and achievement to promote coherence in the network.  

 In her immediate role as the Executive Director of Leadership Programs and Development, Ms. Esponda directed the principal pipeline for the NYCDOE.  This included managing the Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP), and collaborating with the NYC Leadership Academy, New Leaders, Bank Street, Teachers College-Summer Principal Academy, Fordham University, and the Relay Graduate School of Education to support their leadership development programs and ensure coherence and sustainability.  Ms. Esponda worked with CSA to provide quality professional development experiences for assistant principals and principals.  Ms. Esponda has also explored the development of new partnerships between the NYCDOE and other outside leadership development universities and organizations to enhance leadership and instructional capacity.

 Throughout her educational career, Ms. Esponda has also been an Adjunct Professor at Adelphi University and has presented at several national conferences on education.  Her mission is to work with her colleagues to build capacity and develop thoughtful and caring school leaders.