Lori bennett

Lori Bennett is a Senior Academic Facilitator for REACH and is available to work with potential clients.  As a SAF, Lori works directly with REACH clients to provide face-to-face, electronic, and phone consultation aligned to leadership development and school improvement efforts.

Lori Bennett is an Educational Consultant with over 35 years in school redesign/school based management, team building/group dynamics, and staff development and has additionally served as a Senior Achievement Facilitator within the NYC Department of Education. She has interacted effectively with professionals of all disciplines and has facilitated group discussions and workshops geared toward achieving cohesion among all stakeholders involved in the educational community.  Lori is an accomplished leader and educator with a depth and breadth of experience in the educational field.

 Serving as Director of Middle School Initiatives, Teaching and Learning, Lori led the initiative designed to provide a model of support for 51 of our lowest performing middle schools as they progressed on the path to higher achievement.  In this position, she worked with middle schools to ensure rigorous academic programs and best practices for effective middle schools.

 As a Local Instructional Superintendent, Lori supervised a network of Middle School Principals, managed budgetary compliance and both articulated and implemented clear theories of pedagogy and organizational growth aligned with the DOE’s larger vision. During this time, she became keenly concerned with weaving her interest in the middle school platform into building effective bridges among the elementary, middle and high school experiences to ensure that all students make a smooth transition as they move from different levels of education.

 Given the chance to put her beliefs and talents to work in a new environment, Lori accepted the challenge to become the founding principal of the Gladys Hillman-Jones Model Middle School in Newark, NJ designed to showcase exemplary middle school practices across the state.

 Lori also worked as a Staff Developer and utilized her experience to support both veteran and beginning teachers in a wide array of classroom management and instructional strategies.  Lori’s career began as a teacher of English and Journalism concentrating on the Gifted and Talented programs.