reach In-School Service Programs 

Our experienced consultants are ready and able to provide services that include School and Teacher Leader Development and Coaching, Teacher Team Development, Schoolwide Effective Practices for Using Data, School Culture Development and Improvement, School and District Reviews, REACH Focused School Walks, Six Types of Surveys (Teacher Collaboration, School Climate, School Leader, Teacher, Students, and Family), and Strategic Planning and Implementation.

REACH understands that coaching, mentorship, and guidance can only work if the two people working together have a common ground and are able to work effectively together.  This is the reason that we insist on interviewing our clients, before assigning staff to fulfill contracts, to determine long-term goals and the best personality fit for the job.  This ensures that staff assigned to districts, schools, or individuals can fulfill our clients' needs in an expedited manner.



REACH firmly believes that coaching for school and teacher leaders is essential to successful school change process.  That is the reason we offer school leader mentoring and coaching that results in the development of a one-to-one mentorship between a successful school turnaround leader and current school leaders.  Our teacher leader mentors are experienced teacher leaders with proven records of teacher mentorship.  Learn more about how to get your personal coach today.


schoolwide effective practice for using data program

The ways in which a school and district community uses and understands data can be the single most effective way to speed-up the process for increased student achievement.  The REACH protocols and processes for using data to develop a common understanding, sense of urgency, and actions that promote timely opportunities to respond to student academic and socio-emotional developmental health needs.  Learn more about how to get support for the effective use of data today.


Teacher team development program

Our Teacher Team Development Program will assist school and district administrators with developing dynamic teacher teams focused on improvement instructional practice and increasing student achievement using REACH protocols and processes.  Learn more about how to get the Teacher Team Development Program started in your school or district today.


School Reviews

REACH founder, Monica George-Fields, is the chief creator and architect of New York State Education Department (NYSED) Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE).  The DTSDE is used to review all of NYSED's 700 Focus and Priority Schools and 70 Focus Districts.  Monica was also the chief designer and facilitator of the statewide professional development with audiences of upwards to 400 participants.  Learn more about how to partner with REACH consultants to conduct mock reviews, provide guidance aligned to the recommendations provided after a review, or act as a NYSED School's Outside Educational Expert.

reach focused school walks

The REACH Focused School Walks specifically support the mission and goals of the school.  Therefore, REACH Focused School Walks are created uniquely for individual schools, while the participating schools continues to depend on REACH's explicit protocols that norm practices and strategies and create a common sense of understanding among staff members.  Learn more about how to have REACH create a Focused School Walk to address your school's improvement needs.

School Surveys

REACH has developed teacher, student, and family surveys that surface the perceptions and attitudes school constituents have towards the practices most common in the school. These surveys meet the needs of DTSDE annual survey administration (pending approval from NYSED).   Learn more about how to have REACH administer surveys in your school.


school culture development and improvement

School culture development and improvement is at the core of school effectiveness.  The development of structures and systems that support collaboration, staff empowerment and shared accountability are at the forefront of school turnaround.  The REACH consultants have extensive experience in these areas and are always excited to do this work alongside of school communities.  Learn more about how to partner with a REACH consultant to address your school culture and development and improvement.

strategic planning and implementation

REACH founder, Monica George-Fields, created New York State Education Department 3-year Strategic Plan for School Excellence.  The organization's consultants have extensive experience with writing data-informed action plans that provide schools with explicit outlines for school improvement.  Our strategic plan program includes check-in visits to the school to discuss interim progress and any necessary revisions.  Learn more about how to have REACH consultants assist your school and district community with strategic planning and implementation.