REACH Focused School Walks Program™ (FSWP) is one of our signature programs that the President and CEO of REACH© created and used to turnaround the school she led in Harlem.  In this program, focused walks take place on a monthly basis beginning in October and ending in May.  The concepts of the walks uniquely align to the school's goals, values, and any review processes used to evaluate the school.  In New York State, the REACH Focus School Walks Program™ align to the practices and strategies aligned to the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness rubric.  The REACH Focus School Walks Program™ for districts and schools outside of New York State, are aligned to the practices and strategies found in the REACH Diagnostic Review for Optimal Conditions of Learning in Schools and Districts™.  A meeting with the staff that explains the focus of the month, why that focus is necessary, and the intended outcome of the focus precedes the walks.  During the  meeting, the school community receives a detailed write-up of the monthly focus and is given an opportunity to discuss the strengths that already exist in the school that can be used to help each staff member successfully contribute how to achieving the goals of the concepts.  The walk takes place approximately 3-4 weeks after the staff meeting.  During the walk, teachers, school leaders, and support staff members visit classrooms to note the ways in which staff use the concept during the instructional time with students.  Find out more about the REACH Focused School Walks and how your school can begin to benefit from our expertise today.  

Monica coaches students on Celebratory Moments in their classrooms using the REACH(c) receiver protocols.

Our facilitators use special high tech transmitters to communicate with teachers and students to coach their practices during actual class.

Although facilitators sit away from participants and communicate through our special devices, there are times when a special moment occurs and eye contact with a smile is delivered.