Elena Rovalino brings a wealth of experience to this position.  She has worked in the field of education for the past thirty-two years as both a teacher and an administrator. Most recently, she served as Superintendent of Bronx High Schools where she supervised as many as ninety-six high and middle schools.  In this role she created, implemented and interpreted educational policy for schools under her supervision. She assessed the instructional details of the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) and reviewed budgetary alignment. Ms Rovalino ensured that her schools used data to drive changes in classroom instruction by collecting, analyzing, and determining next steps.  She worked with principals to ensure that staffing patterns, student-grouping plans, scheduling, and organizational structures were appropriate to desired student outcomes. Above all, she worked incessantly to ensure equity, access and high standards for all students.


Ms. Rovalino previously served as a Local Instructional Superintendent in Region 1 and led a Network of middle and high schools in the Bronx for three years.  Her commitment to the children in the Bronx, and specifically to the high school communities, has been evident in all her work.  She developed a strong collaboration with the College Board, and was determined to provide equity and access to her students.  With a goal of changing culture and creating an environment of college readiness,  in the Fall of 2005, for the first time in New York City, every tenth grade student in Region One was administered the PSAT exam.  A year later, the prgram was expanded to include all tenth and eleventh grade students.  Today, the PSAT is administered throughout NYC to all tenth and eleventh graders.  Ms. Rovalino has provided professional development in all areas of instruction with an emphasis on teacher planning.  She co-constructed a yearlong leadership program with the University of Pennsylvania, which was tailored to the needs of the Principals in her Network.  At the core of her work has been the training and development of new leaders. 


Her career started in the South Bronx as a Social Studies teacher.  Ms. Rovalino later worked at the district level as well as at the Central Board of Education in developing and implementing programs for at-risk students in all five boroughs.  She served as assistant principal and principal where her work focused on raising academic standards and implementing rigorous and challenging career and technical programs.  Under her leadership, new programs were created and her students were given the opportunity to enroll in the Academy of Finance, the Academy of Information Technology, Vision Technology, Virtual Enterprise and Desktop Publishing.  An environment of personalization and small structures for students was created as Small Learning Communities emerged at her school.


Ms. Rovalino was selected to participate in the Columbia University Cahn Fellowship for Distinguished School Principals and was recognized by El Diario-La Prensa as one of fifty Outstanding Latinas in New York.  She served for three years as a Regional Council Member at the College Board.