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Specific supports for reach(c) face-to-face schools

These supports are organized and customized for the individual schools contracted to receive REACH(c) face-to-face services. All follow-up documents, conversations, and materials for  each school, organized by service, can be found here.

School Review support

These supports are aligned to school improvement organized by the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE).  Districts and school communities can find trend reports, professional development modules organized by DTSDE tenets, tips for preparing for a DTSDE review, and materials.     

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Effective use of data

These supports are aligned to data-informed strategies and practices that yield targeted instruction, more effective instruction, and increased student achievement.


video series


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focused school walks

These supports are aligned to the REACH(c) Power Concepts(r).  These modules, PPT presentations, and other materials will assist school communities understand and respond to their selected Power Concept(r). 


article resources

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impactful teacher teams

These supports address the development of teacher teams that are guided by protocols and