REACH Leadership Programs

REACH School Leader Coaching Program

The REACH School Leader Coaching Program (SLCP) is based on the premise that school leaders benefit from participating in a leadership support program that helps bridge the inevitable gap between credential leadership programs and the real world experiences of being a school leader. The reality of dealing with competing priorities, lack of confidence around making the correct decisions, and navigating the political landscape while honoring the sense of urgency a school may need to be at the forefront of actions, can be overwhelming to anyone.  Through the REACH SLCP, school leaders learn how to and when to manage the aforementioned issues.  REACH coaches share their experiences and proven methods for successfully addressing matters of a school community that impact improvement and success.  Coaching begins in July and ends in June of the following year. During the 12-month program, The REACH school leader coach will spend at least one full day per week, 3 times a month, coaching the school leader.  REACH offers optional regional workshops 3 times a year so that participating school leaders have the opportunity to meet and develop professional relationships with colleagues struggling through the similar challenges.  We uniquely design programs to address the specific needs of our participating school leaders.  Take the first step to inquiring about partnering with a REACH SLCP coach.

REACH Teacher Leader Coaching and Mentoring Program

Teacher leadership is a growing practice in school improvement.  It is particularly important to school leaders to have a teacher or group of teachers to assist with leading various aspects of the school improvement efforts.  Cultivating teacher leaders is a sure way for a staff member to feel empowered.  Research has proven that when teachers feel empowered, they begin to subscribe to a sense of shared accountability.  The REACH Teacher Leader Coaching Program provides support to teachers identified to become a formal teacher leader.

REACH© provides teacher mentors.  Mentorship is very important to teachers, especially new teachers and teachers experiencing struggles with classroom management and delivery of instruction.  As experienced educators, REACH© mentors are fully aware that even in a large school, teaching can be a very lonely profession.  Teacher support can be a determining factor for attracting teachers committed to your school's vision and retaining highly effective teachers.  The REACH Teacher Mentoring Program™ (TMP) addresses the unique needs of the mentored teacher.  Our REACH© mentors visit with assigned teachers and maps a plan for improvement.  As the school year progresses, the support lessens to once every other week, and by the end of the year, the teacher is visited once a month.  As the mentorship continues, the REACH TMP™ participants are asked to engage in online course-like workshops uniquely created for teachers either new or experiencing difficulty in the profession.  The REACH© mentor will work closely with the school leadership to ensure that the support and plan for the mentee is appropriately aligned to the teacher’s and school’s needs

Take the first step to inquiring about connecting with a REACH teacher coach or mentor via the REACH TLCP or TLMP.