This Whole School Reform conference promises to provoke every participant to return to their schools and districts reflecting on the ways in which decisions and actions are leading to high expectations for students and improved student achievement.  Every session will lead with a thought-provoking question to ponder and end with participants outlining the steps they will take to improve the current reality for their practices and ultimately the students in their care.  With over 20 sessions to attend in three full-packed days of workshops, seminar shorts, and enticing general sessions, you must join us and become a part of the conversation!






World-renowned poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator. Her book Racism 101 includes bold, controversial essays about the situation of Americans on all sides of various race issues. 

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Dr. Emdin provides regular commentary on Aljazzera and the Huffington Post; where he writes the Emdin 5 series.   He is the author of the award winning book, For White Folks Who Teach In the Hood and the Rest of Y’all too and his new book, Between The World and The Urban Classroom.



Roland Martin is a REACH WSR Conference favorite.  As a syndicated correspondent, whose political views and input are heard and valued across many news programs, Roland brings a call-to-action message to all educators that cannot be missed.

I absolutely left this Whole School Reform conference thinking differently about how we support teachers and the changes I need to make in my practices as a school leader.
— 2018 WSR School Leader Participant


*Register four participants and get the fifth person free - Also, see the incentives for our Whole School Reform Conference Returnees!


start your conference experience participating in the pre-conference session (February 15, 2019 7:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.)


When Undiscussables are Discussed

  • What are the topics that staff members seem to tip-toe around?
  • Are the undiscussables in your school or district community driving a divide and causing people to lose momentum?
  • How can the undiscussables be surfaced and discussed in an intellectually safe environment?

Housing- The Impetus for Segregated Schools and Innovative Solutions

  • Have housing tactics become the new Jim Crow of school segregation?
  • Why are schools in the north and west struggling with segregated schools, despite Brown v. Board of Education?
  • What innovative strategies are some schools and districts using to address school segregation?   

Honest Conversations about Racial Tensions within School Communities

  • What happens to a school culture when the adults have issues with race relations?
  • How perceptions of race seep into students' self-confidence and willingness to take risks?
  • When the curriculum requires a discussion about historical race relations and tensions about current race relations collide? 


3-Day sessions that Address The Needs of Specific Constituent Groups of Participants

District Learning Track

  • District leader round table
  • New staff on-boarding structures that contribute to successful schools
  • ...and much more

School Leader Learning Track

  • School leader round table
  • Resetting the needle on generational schools
  • ...and much more

Teacher and Instructional Coach Learning Track

  • Teacher and coach round table
  • Creating culturally responsive classrooms
  • ...and much more

Student and Family Support Learning Track

  • Support team round table
  • Addressing the ghosts in the room
  • ...and much more

Parent Liaisons and Associations

  • Parent liaise and association members round table
  • Leveraging school engagement versus school involvement
  • ...and much more

Community-Based Organizations

  • CBO round table
  • ...and much more

Daily 90-Minute Seminar Shorts

Day 1- Author Study

Spend 90-minutes with an author of a thought-provoking book discussing their research and the connections to improving student achievement.  Also, participants have an opportunity to view and discuss one of three documentaries; 13th, Road to Brown, or The Finland Phenomenon.

Day 2- The practitioner's voice

Join practitioners who will present their best practices to addressing the academic needs of all students and creating and maintaining high expectations in their districts, schools, and classrooms.

Day 3- so what

End your conference experience with a conversation with your colleagues discussing the details of your actions plans strategies for addressing high expectations and academic achievement in your community. 


*To take advantage of the fifth person's registration fee free offer, the five participants must register together.   Participants who attended the 2018 WSR will receive a $50 food voucher and participants who attended both the 2017 and 2018 WSR conferences will receive a $75 food voucher.  These vouchers are non-transferable.